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You Hear With Your Brain

That’s why you need a hearing aid that’s designed to complement the way your brain processes sound. Louder is not necessarily better. You need a device that can anticipate and emphasize what you want to hear and minimize the things you don’t, so you can follow your conversation without distraction.

Only The Best

To give you the best experience possible we offer top of the line hearing aids that work with your smartphone, TV and more. Most of today’s high-end hearing aids work completely automatically, offering you a care-free wearing experience.

Approved provider for clients covered through

  • The Workers Compensation Board
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Private or group insurance plans

The Hearing Test Is Just The Beginning

We conduct in-depth testing to understand the nature of your hearing loss so we can recommend the best options for treatment. As an independent clinic, we have access to every major manufacturer and make our recommendations only with your best interests in mind.

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Have you been disappointed by hearing aids in the past?

If you’ve been frustrated with hearing aids and can’t seem to get the results you hoped for, let us show you how we’re different.  Our experienced clinicians take all the time you need to voice your concerns and explain your needs.  We understand that everyone is different.  Together, we can identify your priorities and customize your experience.  The technology is better than it ever has been.  We can make it work for you.

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Treatment Beyond The Purchase

Hearing aids are just the beginning. Once you are comfortable with the basics, we follow-up to make sure you are equipped to maintain your hearing aids at home, and we invite you to come back regularly for complimentary cleanings and services so that we can ensure that you continue to get the most from them.

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Why Choose Us

There are plenty of hearing aid clinics to choose from these days. But when you’re buying a hearing aid, you’re not just buying a piece of digital technology – you’re investing in the professional experience of your audiologist. We put in extra time behind the scenes to make sure we understand the complexities of each device and how to customize them for each individual client. We also make every effort to maintain a high level of customer service so that our clients consistently get the best performance from their hearing devices. Whether you have a problem or just have some questions, we want to make sure they are addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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